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Unlike other campaigns, I will not be accepting large campaign contributions. If we’re going to break the business as usual mold, I figure I’d start right here by not doing what politicians do; raising tons of cash that far exceed what the job pays. I won’t be beholden to anyone but to the voters that vote for me on Election Day.

That said, I won’t rule out raising limited amounts of cash — $25 or less. In the meantime, I will run a low-budget campaign. Currently, I blog about “Devolving US back to the Constitution as of January 1871” and designing devolution-themed products to support my writing.

However, I do need the support of Iowa Patriots that are ready for change, ready for the devolution of the Federal Government.  You can support me by sharing my campaign website with your friends and family.  You can also support me by downloading and printing out the Nomination Petition (see screenshot below) in order for me to qualify for the Primary ballot.  My goal is 120 registered voter signatures from each of the 99 Counties.  Please mail the completed petitions to:

AJ Foster 4 Iowa
PO Box 524
Bettendorf, IA 52722-0009

Speaking Engagements: If you have a group that you would like for me come and visit with, please email me at aj@ajfoster4iowa.com or contact me at cell/text (563) WIN-IOWA.

Using the Nomination Petition Form

Nomination Petition Screenshot

Nomination Petition Screenshot

Please share with other 'America First' Patriots...