Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain


National & Economic Security

As your Senate representative to DC, I will 100% work to protect and enhance America’s National and Economic Security:

Finish The Wall

Finishing the Wall

  • County Sheriffs must be allowed to use their constitutional authority to protect their citizens from abuse and violation of their rights by the invasion of illegal aliens.
  • Summarily deport all illegal aliens as they manage to get across our border. The only exceptions would be individually considered and approved requests for asylum. Deport all illegal aliens caught committing crimes in the US. No exceptions.
  • Enforce laws against hiring of illegal aliens.
  • Compel all agencies to share data targeting and prosecuting stolen identities and related frauds.
  • State governments have a duty and full authority to protect their own boundaries and to do whatever they deem necessary to make up for lax or non-existent federal enforcement.
  • After the border is secured, not before, legislation should be considered that will improve and streamline our immigration process and place reasonable limits on the numbers coming in.
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Make America Strong Again

Making America Strong Again

  • De-politicize the military by removing the leaders that failed to uphold their oath.
    • If the Covid-19 scamdenic was an IQ test, it appears a majority of the DOD leadership failed. The general officers failed to recognize illegal orders and in turn handed down illegal orders of their own down the chain, infecting the senior non-comissioned officers.
  • Reinstate the policies that reinforce discipline and moral character in the ranks and raise the standards by expecting more of the soldiers, not less. End the social and diversity engineering, there is only one color in the ranks and it is green.
  • Re-evaluate every policy and program based on efficiency and concrete contribution to our nation’s strength and security. Tolerance for radical Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers have no place in our military.
  • Re-write the Rules of Engagement from the bottom up to ensure that our soldiers will fight to win expeditiously with all the lethal force at their disposal.
  • Nation building and peace-keeping is not the role of the military. If and when we go to war, it will be to destroy the enemy’s will to fight.
  • Revise acquisition regulations to ensure that we get the best equipment and support for best value without regard to other policies which typically are domestic policies unrelated to war-fighting
  • Re-negotiate Status Of Forces Agreements (SOFA) to ensure we can operate efficiently in other countries as necessary without burdensome costs and red-tape.
    • After all, it is the host nation that benefits from our presence and we are no longer going to pay them for that privilege. Germany and Korea are two good examples that need to be re-negotiated.
  • We need to do a better job of training to enable soldiers to transition from military life to the civilian life.
  • Instead of housing illegal aliens at military installations, place homeless Vets where they can also get counseling and or medical care from the local VA as they reintegrate into society.
  • End the ridiculous regulation that forces exiting Vets to wait a minimum of 6 months before they can enter the government civilian workforce.
  • Continue and expand the Veterans Administration (VA) reforms that President Trump implemented.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is a sham dreamed up by globalist. Since 2002, 100s of billions were spent on it and what do we have to show for it?
    • A bureaucracy of 240,000 employees doing everything from “Taking Scissors Away” to rigging the elections and every other unpatriotic and unamerican acts in between and we have not been made safer. Not even a smidgen safer. Instead, they are like the Praetorian Guards for the swamp.
  • By default, every executive agency i.e. ATF, FBI, EPA, DOE, DOJ, Education Dept, IRS, FEC, not explicitly called for in the Constitution needs to be dismantled; unless a case can be made for keeping them, but then re-charter with strictly limited authorities.
  • Devolve federal law enforcement back to the Federal Marshalls.
End The Fed

Making America Wealthy Again

  • The first step is devolving the Federal government by shutting down unconstitutional federal agencies and returning their powers back to the States.
  • Repeal the 16th Amendment which allows the government to bypass the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendment protections in the name of collecting revenue to fund its borrowing of currency from Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Social Security as implemented by FDR is a government sponsored Ponzi scheme; however, we must keep our promises to those who were forced to depend on SS in their retirement as we “off-ramp” from this program.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve Bank to determine how many trillions of dollars were stolen from We The People then abolish it. Only Congress may issue currency and back it with precious metals.
  • Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act separating commercial banks from Wall Street (investment banking)
  • End “too big to fail” policies that permit Wall Street to be reckless, secured by taxpayers who will pay for losses incurred.
  • De-monopolize the giant corporations.
  • Return patent and copyright protections back to one of limited duration and not in perpetuity.
  • Continue repatriating manufacturers and industries back to the U.S. by maintaining tariffs on imports.
  • 35% of Americans now “work” for a government that produces next to nothing, rather generating money via taxes, fines, fees and tariffs. Career government staffing needs to be downsized by 90%, releasing workers to be commercially productive and contributing to American wealth instead.
  • The right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness includes having a retirement nest egg secured from the filching schemes of politicians. We will increase opportunities for individuals to invest for their future.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship by instituting a 2-year tax holiday for small start-ups to improve their odds for success in the long haul.
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Scott County Sheriff's Dept

Making America Safe Again

  • Every reform must be judged by its function in Making America Safe Again while maintaining all of our liberties and rights.
  • The 2nd Amendment is clear, “SHALL NOT be infringed…”
    • Any and all Federal laws concerning arms are unconstitutional.
    • Any and all Federal agencies shall have no purview concerning arms.
  • It is up to We The People to keep our homes, schools, neighborhoods and cities safe, while the federal government provides for common defense from enemies foreign and domestic.
  • The Sheriff is constitutionally the highest law enforcement officer of the county. It is high time that all county, local & municipal law enforcement activities fall back under the office of the Sheriff. The law enforcement functions of an elected Sheriff is entirely separate from the administrative functions of an elected mayor and or city council.
  • Radical Islamic teachings and Marxists have sowed division and chaos, but we will rebuild respect and support for law enforcement and first responders. And in turn, they must respect and cherish our liberties and rights.
  • Judicial institutions have veered from protecting the innocent to protecting the guilty. We will unseat judges who twist laws and the Constitution to fit their progressive beliefs.
  • Most importantly, the DOJ and FBI are out of control, acting as the Praetorian Guards for the politically connected. We will dismantle the two-tier justice system of justice.
  • Armed service members shall be issued a personal rifle or pistol and shall freely bear it whether on duty or off. Their weapon is theirs to keep and maintain for life.
    • As Veterans are liable to be called back to duty, they shall also be issued a service weapon in accordance with their rank at separation.
    • As they were part of a well-regulated militia, this is necessary to the security of a free State.
    • No State, city or municipality may infringe on an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

Personal & Economic Security

  • Remembering the Forgotten American
  • Restoring American Jobs
  • Quality of Life for Every American
  • Healing our Cities
  • Making America Great Again

Protecting Iowa

  • Protecting the Preborn
  • Ending Indoctrination
  • Ending Medical Tyranny
  • Ending Subsidies

Returning to the Rule of Law

  • Ending Two Tiers of Justice
  • Federal & Iowa’s Constitution are Supreme Law of Land & State
  • The 9th & 10th Amendments — Unenumerated powers are reserved solely for States/Individuals
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