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Download, print and share the Nomination Petition for me to qualify for the Primary ballot. My goal is a 120 signatures from each of the 99 Counties.

1) We’re gathering signatures to get my name on the ballot. You can download our nomination petition form here (https://ajfoster4iowa.com/county-coordinator-teammembers/).

Please mail it back to us by March 1st to:

AJ Foster 4 Iowa
PO Box 524
Bettendorf, IA 52722-0009

Remember, signatures on each petition form must be from the same county.

2) The Republican Precinct Caucuses are right around the corner. Next Monday, 07 Feb 2022, grassroots patriots will gather at 350 precinct locations in communities across our state to organize, elect central committee members, discuss planks in the party platform and rev up for the midterm elections this fall. Your participation is crucial to our victory.

3) Consider running for your county’s central committee to make sure your voice, views, and values are heard throughout the year. You’ll want a seat at the table at our county, district, and state conventions on the road to victory on Election Day. Click here to find your location.

4) Please take a look at the Issues I cover and don't hesitate to comment to discuss any questions you may have. Also check out the Blog where I provide commentary on topics of the day. And please share with friends and family. If you're on social media, you can also follow me there.

Did you know? You can help grow our grassroots awakening. Bring a friend, neighbor or family member with you on 07 Feb. Keep in mind, participants must be registered with the Republican Party to participate. Voter registration forms – ID and proof of residency are required to register – are available at each precinct to register or change party affiliation. I also encourage you to bring along your young folks, even if they won’t turn 18 by Election Day. Junior delegates will be elected and they may follow the Caucus-to-Convention process with special sessions to learn all about our electoral process.

Attending the caucuses on Feb. 7 gives YOU the opportunity to have a say in your county’s platform and show support for our great slate of candidates.

We did our best to fix 2020 to at least give all Iowans assurance that our elections are indeed accurate and secure! And it's still possible in the remaining 8 months left. Regardless, we simply must flood the election to not only defeat any fraud that may or may not be attempted.

With your help, 2022 will be the Year of the Great Upset as we work to take back our country and government!

Thanks and best regards,
AJ Foster

#MAGA #AmericaFirst

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