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We are asking for donations to cover the cost 1 year’s subscription the Iowa State Voter Rolls we purchased to do research and analyze them. ($1950 plus 5% we added for GSG).

TO DONATE: https://www.givesendgo.com/G3BP1

You may have heard or read of voting irregularities at Tuesday’s Primary Elections. Jacob Hall covers one such incidence (https://theiowastandard.com/scanner-used-to-scan-ids-in-johnson-county-will-not-be-used-in-tomorrows-primary-elections/), in which the Iowa’s DOT network Voter ID scanners were unable to function, thus requiring pollworkers to manually verify IDs. The problem is that it wasn’t limited to Johnson County. Scott and Clinton, among others were also down.

In some precincts, workers didn’t even bother to check IDs because they were told by election supervisors that, in 2018, the Iowa Supreme Court had ruled that requiring IDs were unconstitutional. As for absentee mail-in ballots, they were also told that it was “illegal” to do signature matching of the envelopes.

Please share this with your friends and if any of you witnessed anything out of the ordinary at your precinct, let us know.

This is why we purchased the 1 year subscription, so we can analyze the changes in the rolls on a weekly basis as the records are updated on a weekly basis. To see who fell off the rolls, then reinstated just before November election, then deleted again. Or to verify rumors of voters from one party switching to the other in order to sandbag certain races, only to switch back to to their original affiliation before November and so on.

We also will be scheduling an event in late summer to go over the results and get direction on how we the people can be involved in improving election integrity in Iowa. If you are interested in being a part of our cause, be notified when our event is scheduled, or learn more please comment or follow us at any of the following:

Any money collected over our goal will be used to pay for the event expenses later this summer.

  • Getting all the statewide voter rolls clean, and voters removed that no longer are eligible to vote for one reason or another.
  • To preserve the 2020 election records for the interim until issues are found and corrected.
  • To educate Iowa voters about the laws and practices that may add to anomalies and loopholes which cause questions on election integrity.
  • Have such laws and practices addressed by our representatives & officials at the state and county level.

TO DONATE: https://www.givesendgo.com/G3BP1

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