Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain


First off, I am grateful to those of you who supported my run to primary against Sen Chuck Grassley.  I say “against” because with every passing year over the past decade, I strongly disagree with him more and more than I agree.  It’s time to thank him for his service and let him go home to live out his retirement with family and friends.

Simply because he has strayed so far from his oath to both the Iowa & US Constitutions. And if he hangs on to the office, we can only expect more swamp policies.

Some of the key issues are as follows:

    • Low energy defense of the 2nd Amendment.  What part of “shall not be infringed” does he not understand? This right to defend ourselves is nonnegotiable, regardless of the weapon.
    • Mostly silent on the matter of lockdowns. Where in the Constitution did we grant our elected servants, let alone unelected bureaucrats, the authority to decide which businesses are essential or not?
    • On vaccines; his position is if we choose not to comply with the mandate, we must deal with the consequence of our choice.
    • On our inalienable right to medical freedom; he supported bills that bit by bit stripped away those rights, instead of defending them.  Since when did “trust the science” trump our rights and liberties.
    • Likewise with the junk science behind Alternative Energy, Carbon Credits and Climate Change.  Reagan, on whose coattails Grassley rode in on, told us to “Trust but verify”.  Because none of the science can be verified, Congress in cahoots with industry “experts” chose to hide inconvenient truths from their masters, We The People.
    • As for the CO2 Pipeline, where did we give Congress the power to seize land on behalf of corporate entities to lay a dangerous and lethal pipeline? SCOTUS claiming in Kelo v New London to be legal is not an excuse. SCOTUS has been wrong before as we see in the Dredd Scott case.
    • The several Infrastructure bills?  What a scam, we have to pay 10x the taxes for the good parts of it.
    • As recently as a few weeks ago, he still denied that Election Fraud is a problem, even after Trump un-endorsed Mo Brooks for downplaying the 2020 steal.
    • His endorsements of DIABLO – Demonrat In All But Labels Only – candidates that strongly support Abortion, CRT, Queer Theory etc.
    • Patriot Act that unleashed the agencies to view any citizen with a contrary opinion as enemies of the State. And today, silent on J6 POWs.
    • NAFTA with the resultant giant sucking sound of good-paying jobs evaporating?  The latest blow for Iowa is John Deere moving some operations from Waterloo to Mexico.

Simply put, Grassley is of one of the poohbahs in the Senate responsible for America’s slide into decay and depravity. When one follows the money, in every case, it is the corporations and lobbyists that have his ear, not the people.  Their money speaks louder than our voice.  And at 88 years old, nor do we need what’s left of his legacy degraded by his RINO grandson, Pat Grassley.

Before anyone mentions “experience”; what experience did the framers of our Constitution have before being elected? Next to none, but they had principled ideas.  Grassley on the other hand, has experience of mostly maintaining the facade of defending the Constitution.

I’ve learned lot during my campaign.  That the RPI, which claims to represent the conservative grassroots majority, is actually hostile to true conservatives. I’ve heard Jeff Kaufman and Bobby Kaufman denigriate Carlin as a “G**damn liar“, because he dared challenge Grassley.  Really? What are you scared of? Losing personal power?

I’ve watched Jim Carlin since he began his campaign and I am glad to see his issues evolving to be consistent with the Constitution.  Rather than deferring to polls and conventional wisdom, he is looking to both the Iowa and US Constitution to guide his policies.

I urge you to vote for Jim Carlin to be the change we need in DC to begin the process of reclaiming our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  A government that rules least, rules best.

While I still have your attention, if you are from the 1st Congressional District, I ask that you consider writing in Kyle Kuehl on your ballot, instead of Miller-Meeks.

And for those in the 4th Congressional District, write in former Rep Steve King. What have you got to lose? King was run out of office by the RPI because he was apologetically America First.

Endorsements of other Iowa/America First Candidates involved in a contest:

    • State Auditor – Todd Halbur
    • 3rd Congressional District – Nicole Hasso
    • State Senate District 05 – David Dow
    • State Senate District 41 – Alan Weets
    • State Senate District 42 – Justin Wasson
    • State Senate District 47 – Barry Long or Scott Webster
    • State House District 04 – Skyler Wheeler
    • State House District 26 – Mark Chelgren
    • State House District 54 – Robert Nazario
    • State House District 58 – Charley Thomson
    • State House District 60 – Deb Hild
    • State House District 66 – Steve Bradley
    • State House District 81 – Luana Stoltenberg or Sean Hanley
    • State House District 87 – Jeff Shipley
    • State House District 88 – Helena Hayes
    • State House District 91 – Brad Sherman or John George
    • Scott County Supervisor – John Maxwell
    • Scott County Supervisor – Jennifer McAndrew Lane
    • Scott County Supervisor – Jean Dicks

Let’s make America great again!

Thanks and best regards,
AJ Foster

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