Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain


In honor of all the patriotic truckers coming together to fight government tyranny in their respective countries.

I might not be gear-jamming with them, but I join them in spirit with a look back in time to all the trucks & buses I drove and maintained, plus a few I wish I had.

🎼Hat tip to Willie Nelson

To all the trucks I drove before 🎶
Miles traveled beneath my floor 🎵
I’m glad they came along 🎶
I dedicate this song 🎵
To all the trucks I drove before 🎶

Bummer that I lost all but a couple of my personal pictures, so I had to find close matches on DDG.

My bucket list of trucks and buses yet to take for a spin or two…

As your Senate representative to DC, we will bring sanity back to the regulations for truckers.

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