Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain


Patrick cues up several news items of the day, which we then discus:

  • Durham Investigation
  • Kamala for SCOTUS???
  • Grassley for POTUS???

I then talk about Iowan subsidies, in particular the CO2 pipeline and how Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS), Wind & Solar subsidies are a pile of bovine scat designed to enrich insiders while picking our pockets clean in service to the false god of climate change.

Interviewed on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

This video has been shortened from the original which is available at https://rumble.com/vtcrfd-kamala-for-scotus-andy-foster-joins-us.html

2022 will go down in history as the Great Upset.

MAGA! America First!


As your Senate representative to DC, we will end the unconstitituional subsidies that drain our wealth.

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