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JD was a volunteer during the AZ Full Forensic Audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 elections. Now free of the NDA, he tells his story.

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you know that to tell a story, you have to do it in a series of Tweets. www.freeatlantis,com is set up just like Twitter. So each section represents the threading of one “tweet” after another.

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(September 24, 2021, 7:11 PM — right after the AZ Report was released)

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To my understanding, NDAs expired once the Arizona State Senate’s report went public this afternoon.
I’m therefore authorized to share my observations as a volunteer at the Maricopa County 2020 election audit.

Between June 19 and June 26, I worked 4 shifts at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and spent approximately 24 hours on the audit floor as a member of the “Observer” team.
This thread documents the things I personally witnessed on the audit floor and heard directly from Cyber Ninjas employees, contractors and volunteers on site.

I also cover the training I received and the processes I was instructed to monitor. I describe the security protocols in place at the facility, and provide brief information about my professional background. I conclude with some final thoughts.

On the day of my first shift I was photographed, identity verified, and issued an ID badge and orange shirt.
No bags, large purses or electronics were allowed past the intake area. Lockers were provided to store these items. We were temperature screened before each shift.

Training was held in a group setting and led by a head contractor from Cyber Ninjas.
After introductions and general orientation (safety, legal, etc.), we were trained on the Physical Evaluation (PE) ballot evaluation process.
The majority of recounts and other activities were complete by this late stage of the audit, and most stations were set up for PE.
When PE was winding down but the facility was still under lease, efforts were focused on re-recounting a subset of ballots.

The PE process was an efficient two person activity.
A batch of ballots was placed on the left side of the table. Person 1 selected the top ballot and placed it snugly in Jig 1. Jig 1 had two rulers at a right angle, with a nickel placed on the top ruler for scale. Above Jig 1 was an HD digital camera.
Person 1 would photograph the front of the ballot by pushing a button on the desk, flip the ballot, and photograph the back of the ballot before sliding the ballot to Person and Jig 2.

Person 2 would place the ballot snugly in Jig 2. Above Jig 2 were 4 microscopic cameras. One press of a second button by Jig 2 engaged all 4 cameras simultaneously and created an aggregated image file of 4 specific areas:
The bubble (to determine if the selection was printed or made by a human), a crosshair (the placement of which determines where the ballot was printed), an edge (which I think was to gauge alignment), and a specific area of text (to determine if the ballot was b/w or color).

Person 2 would then place the ballot back in the ballot box, in the correct orientation, and in the correct order. This would complete the process, which would then repeat. Speedy teams were able to complete one cycle every 10 seconds or so.
The cameras above Jig 1 and Jig 2 were wired to a single laptop shared by the two-person team. The images would save locally to an SD card, then transmit via LAN cable to the server racks at the center of the facility.

Observers were instructed to learn and to then monitor this process.
We were taught how to spot image errors (like a finger in a photo, or a blurry photo, or a lens out of alignment resulting in an incomplete image). We were taught to spot any deviation from the mandated process.
The goal of the PE process was to 1) Digitally image, number, and store every ballot, and 2) Supply the forensic auditors with high-quality images for forensic evaluation.

We were taught that the chain of custody and organization of the ballots was incredibly important. Observers were trained on those processes and procedures accordingly.
We were taught to identify any scenario that warranted communication with the “Table Bosses” in black shirts.
I never witnessed a break in process, but did flag Table Bosses periodically if a jig or camera lens required adjustment.

When the PE process began to wind down, I was also trained on the recount process.
Like PE, the recount stations were simple and efficient. An HD camera was present above each recount station.
Each recount station consisted of a stationary round table. On top of each table sat a large circular disc, about 80% the size of the table underneath, that rotated on a bearing.
Fixed to the rotating disc there were two “ballot stands,” one at 12 o’clock and one at 6 o’clock.

Seated around the table were 3 volunteers, each with a sheet of paper and a pen for tallying.
No white paper was allowed on the audit floor, so as not to confuse a tally sheet with a ballot (or create that impression on the cameras). Similarly, black or blue pens were not allowed on the audit floor.
One volunteer or Table Boss stood tableside and was responsible for selecting a ballot, placing it on the first ballot stand, and smoothly rotating the table. I’ll call this person the “Lead.”

As the table rotated and the second ballot stand passed by, the Lead would feed the next ballot onto the second stand.
Once a ballot completed a revolution, a second Lead would remove that ballot from the stand.
Lead 2 would place the ballot back in the ballot box, in the correct orientation, and in the correct order.

The volunteers observed each ballot and recorded a tally on their sheet for the Presidential and Senate candidate for each passing ballot.
The counters could not touch ballots, but were permitted to pause the table if needed.

The Lead was responsible for verbally guiding the tableside volunteers as the table spun. There was a constant cadence:
“Ballot one… Ballot two… Ballot three… Ballot four… Ballot five… Skip… Next Line… Ballot one… Ballot two…”
This continued until every ballot in the batch was tallied.

When the batch was completely counted, the team would pause to individually count their tallies.
Counters were unable to clearly see each other’s sheets, and they were not authorized to communicate with one another during a count cycle.
If two out of three counters did not generate a matching number, a re-do was required. Back to the start of the batch!
If at least two out of three counters generated a matching number, the Lead validated the math on each sheet.

Once the Lead validated the tally math, the tally sheets were verified a second time by a central aggregator at a separate table.
When the aggregator returned the ballots and tally sheets to the caged ballot storage area, the individuals at the ballot storage area validated the tally sheets for a third time.

The purpose of the recount was 1) To manually count the number of ballots for each Presidential and Senate candidate, and 2) To validate the total number of ballots in the batch against the number of ballots reported to be in that batch by Maricopa County election officials.

Anyway, that’s the gist of the PE process and recount process that I was trained to monitor.
Think of Observers as the “first line of defense” for Bryan Blehm, the lead attorney on site for Cyber Ninjas. As observers, we were an extra check and balance (in addition to numerous cameras) to make sure protocol was followed at all times.
And now, a brief overview of the security before we get on to my observations:

Police officers were stationed at multiple checkpoints near the entrance to the fairgrounds, the entrance to the arena parking lot, and the entrance to the arena.
Officers also patrolled the interior of the facility (but typically outside the boundaries of the audit floor).
These officers and rangers were volunteers taking time away from their families and picking up extra shifts to help keep the facility secure.

Cyber Ninjas also contracted a layer of armed private security personnel.
They regularly made rounds and used a handheld device to sweep for bugs or anything transmitting an electronic signal.
There were approximately 150 fixed cameras throughout the facility. The security detail wore body cameras.

The boss and two ‘agents’ were always visible on patrol.
One or two more team members were likely out of sight monitoring cameras and/or relaying communications.
This team was fit, vigilant and professional. If VIP’s (like visiting delegates from various State Senates) were present, they were escorted by the private security detail.
“There is no information (IT) security without physical security.”

The 24 hours I spent on the audit floor are a narrow sample of a hundred thousand hour audit.
On any given shift I was able to observe only a fraction of what was occurring on the floor at that point in time, and I was not present for each phase of the audit. Even still, the things I saw and heard were significant.
I am clear in the list below between what I witnessed, versus what I heard. I will present my observations as simply and as clearly as possible:

I witnessed ballots that were machine-marked for Joe Biden, presumably using a printer.
I witnessed batches of Federal-only provisional ballots skewing significantly in Joe Biden’s favor.
I witnessed ballot batch totals differ from the number reported by Maricopa County election officials.
I witnessed ballots of a non-standard shape and size that did not fit in the photo jigs.

I overheard audit staff and volunteers discussing thousands of military ballots that were Xeroxed (machine copied or printed) for Joe Biden.
On my next shift, I witnessed hundreds of military ballots that appeared to be Xeroxed or computer-populated for Joe Biden.
I witnessed batches of military ballots skewing approximately 95% in Joe Biden’s favor. I calculated this by observing and mentally tallying a single PE station for a sample of 300 consecutive ballots.

I was told by Congressional Candidate for AZ 7 and audit volunteer, Jeff Zink, that Chinese characters were found printed on a subset of ballots.
I was told by a volunteer that ballots with inconsistent paper type were identified.

I was told by a volunteer that a box of ballots containing a 100% count for Joe Biden was identified.
I was told by a volunteer that consistent patterns were identified throughout entire batches. For example: Biden, Biden, Biden, Trump, Biden, Biden, Biden, Trump.
I was told by a volunteer that “pristine ballots,” i.e. no folds, were identified.

Take a moment and read that list again, and consider the small sample size I was exposed to.
From here I’ll move into some information about my background, and close with some parting thoughts.

My professional background is somewhat relevant to my opinion on the quality of this audit.
The firm I work for specializes in selling and implementing audit, compliance, risk management, and information security software for various household-name corporations and other companies in data-sensitive or regulated industries.

I am intimately familiar with best-in-class auditing processes and procedures.
I speak regularly with top subject matter experts and C-Suite executives about their existing processes, and I make expert recommendations on how to improve those processes.
While I am not an expert on election audits, I understand sound process.
This was an incredibly accurate and highly transparent operation that will likely shed light on significant election fraud in Maricopa County.

That’s where my documentation ends and my opinion begins.
The expiration of my NDA has been a long time coming. I wish I could have shared this information sooner.
Everything I’ve written above is accurate to the absolute best of my recollection. I would have no issue signing an affidavit swearing the same.
I am publishing this thread today, but it was written between June 19 and June 27. I took time after each shift to capture the content of this thread.

This is not an experience I’ll ever forget. I played a small role at the forefront of what may become a pivotal moment in the history of our great nation. That’s incredibly exciting to me, and it’s something that makes me proud.

At the same time, this was not a pleasant experience.
I cannot adequately describe the anger and frustration I felt, for example, watching a senior-aged veteran photograph hundreds of fraudulent military ballots counted for Joe Biden.
His energy ebbed and flowed between a sort of sarcastic incredulity, to a softer and more defeated tone:
“Nope, nothing to see here! This is totally above board!
…I just can’t believe this. This is impossible.”
We need to demand accountability and reform.

Any level of fraud is despicable, but using our service members as a vehicle for fraud is the bottom of the barrel.
I’m disappointed that we allowed things to get to this point. I’m disappointed in myself that it took what I perceive to be a stolen election to stand up and do something.

I’m gutted that this is the current state of our nation, which stands alone as the greatest symbol of Freedom in the world.
At the same time, I’m thrilled that massive voter turnout forced these cretins to commit blatant fraud in broad daylight. We showed up en masse to the polls and forced the steal.
We have an opportunity to fix it.

Change is happening at the local level on up.
It’s evident in my community. I saw it in the volunteers who came together from all political affiliations and backgrounds to support this audit. Involvement and awareness are increasing across the board.
We need to elect officials that are honest, and we need to demand accountability for the crimes that have been committed.

Despite the challenges we face ahead, when President Trump said “The Best Is Yet To Come” on his way out the door, I believed him and still do.
Fraudulent results cannot be allowed to stand. We do not have a Republic without free and fair elections. This simple truth should resonate with every American.
Without immediate reform, and as we currently sit, our Republic is not fair nor free.

Is it possible that safeguards were put in place by the last administration? We’d better hope so.
I agree with Thomas Wictor that it’s impossible to predict Donald Trump. The best we can do is assemble puzzle pieces after the fact.
DJT first tweeted about fraudulent voter machines in 2012. We know this has been on his radar for years. How many times did DJT publicly and loudly declare that the 2020 election would be stolen?

Remember when DJT told the world to cheat at their own peril, and that law enforcement was watching? How many times did DJT say that mail in ballots would be a nightmare, that ballots would be printed in China, and so on?

How many times after the election has DJT made pointed statements about specific instances of fraud – A reference to a ballot drop at a specific time in the morning, or a specific ballot count, for example, almost like he already knew the answer?
Remember last summer when DJT tweeted a link to a US Postal Service patent for secure blockchain voting technology?
On and on. How many times did Trump tell the world, “Let’s see what happens. I caught them all!”

Preparation matters: Every battle is won before it is fought. I wonder if a period of reconstitution might be around the corner. I don’t know what comes next, but there’s a chance that certain battles have already been won.

I don’t believe Donald Trump saw the steal coming a mile away and didn’t set a sting.
Did Trump, the strategic tactician who does everything big, who for better or worse reveres revenge, and despises stealing, suddenly stop being Trump at the precipice?
It’s unlikely.
When you rob the jewelry store and get caught, you have to return the diamonds.

I suspect forensic audits were planned well in advance of the 2020 election.
There is near zero chance, in my opinion, that Cyber Ninjas waited until AFTER November 3 to come up with a whimsical idea to set the global standard for forensic election audits. I think they were ready to deploy to the first state that got green-lit.
The complex logistics required to prepare for this audit, followed by flawless execution, likely required many months if not years of preparation.

But hey, as I said, that’s just my best guess.
I only just watched a Florida-based cyber security firm with no prior auditing experience march right into Arizona and pull off the most meticulous forensic election audit in history.
We know what happened. All that matters now is what happens next.
The Best Is Yet To Come.

Addendum (1/3):

“Maricopa County withheld a lot of information from the audit team. The Senate will get access to that information as a result of the agreement it negotiated with the County. The audit is not over. I suspect some of the most damaging information has yet to be disclosed.” – Dave Hayes on 9/24/21

Addendum (2/3)
The presentation at today’s Senate hearing conspicuously omitted any physical ballot evaluation results. Perhaps that analysis is ongoing and upcoming.

Addendum (3/3)
Thank you all for reading.
I do not have, nor wish for, a large social media following.
That said, please consider posting to a wider audience if you use other platforms.
Onward we go!



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